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Check out this very special show!

NEW DATE WEDS Sept 20th -

Aloha Monkey joins a WHOLE BUNCH of your other favorite local bands at “Whoofside” Patio Bar supporting the work of ”Friends of Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter Facility" & "Volunteer Auxiliary for Animal Shelters Inc.” 

For more information please visit

Writing songs since he was 12, the journey continues...

In 2019 Paul released a 12 song album entitled "Mood Swing Serenade" recorded at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, NJ.  In promoting the album Paul was featured on several radio stations, including New Jersey 101.5 FM, KCKQ 1180 AM in Reno, Nevada and WVTK 92.1 FM in Vermont where his songs "Can't Imagine" and "Smile Like Hollywood" were played.  In Europe, "Smile Like Hollywood" also received airplay and was added to the playlist at FOREST FM in Southern England, while in Germany the song "Breakfast in the UK" was a featured track on TurnUpYourRadio and the "Mark After Dark" show.


2 singles were released in 2020, "Conspiracy Theory" and "I Can't Hide My Crazy", the latter being added to several  Spotify playlists including "Fresh Discovery" and "Acoustic Fantastic". 

Paul Journey.jpeg

Oct 2, 2022 marks the release of "Whispers of a Song" featuring 10 tracks recorded at Submergent Studios in Middletown, NJ. Some stories include Carinya and her cello, 10 bridesmaids at a dive bar, a "smooth dude" and his backyard jacuzzi, fake friends in corporate America, and the purest love on earth (that's right, a dog). There is also a song about Algebra & Trigonometry (and there WILL be a quiz at the end). Danny Coleman of "Rock on Radio" premiered 4 songs from the album on its' release date. 


Paul's alter ego "Parkway Paulie" has a whole other thing going on. In 2021 he penned the hit "Jersey Pizza Joint" which became the "official anthem" of the popular Facebook Group, Jersey Pizza Joints, boasting over 60,000 members. The song was featured on the Steve Trevelise show and received multiple plays on NJ 101.5 FM. 


Paul's music is available on most streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Pandora, as well as his official YouTube channel: Paul Marzano - Song Asylum

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